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Dear Queen,

You are only as beautiful as your mind. As much as Ladies First appreciates looking good, we place high value on feeling good, too. Our words, our thoughts and our actions are reflections of our true selves and nothing fits a queen better than having a heart of gold – and a crown to match!

As stylish and empowering Queens, we have the capabilities, knowledge and skills to participate fully in society and be big bosses like our matching Kings. But, sometimes we forget that… Our mind is a powerful tool in the climb through the glass ceiling to economic opportunity, and our education is a weapon in our fight with gender inequality. Both build the confidence and self-esteem necessary to strike a pose in our crowns and be the female bosses we know we are.

So let’s make a game plan.. Did you know that one in three women in Ontario have a university degree or certificate? Educational attainment is on the rise amongst women, and we want to help women elevate to the top and send you back to school in style!

You could win a bag which includes school supplies, glasses, Ladies First t-shirt, personalized pillow, note pads, diamond pen and more!

Check out @Ladiesfirst Instagram for more details...

The winner will be announced on August 29th, 2017. Goodluck!

And always remember: if a boy calls you stupid, he probably likes you.

XO,// Ladies First.

Andddd the winner for the March Break giveaway is .... @lp_xx0  Thank you to everyone who tagged someone and told a friend to tell a friend.. more Giveaways coming! .. still interested in donating clothes .. DM for drop off & pick ups 

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